Skipper ETS manufacture a complete range of high quality IEC Standard 15.5kV outdoor oil insulated ring main unit for rural and industrial environments. The Trident series of fused ring switch are rated 630 amps, they are designed to have an extremely long service life and require very low levels of service.

The switchgear technology is designed by Lucy Electric, a world renowned UK company with a reputation for robust and high quality products. Our manufacturing principles and processes exceed internationally recognised standards to ensure that only highly reliable and resilient electrical equipment is connected to critical distribution networks.

Oil insulated fuse protection ring main unit is designed for harsh and corrosive environmental conditions they are compact in design and are fully system extendable, utilising modular ring switches and fused circuit breaker.

Simple installation are possible from lateral and rear cable termination points on the units which facilitate efficient connection and commissioning procedures.

The standard offering is locally controlled but automation can be achieved with remote control and seamless integration with SCADA systems.

The free standing IP54 housing is designed to cope with the most extreme conditions from 10 C to a maximum of 55 C with humidity up to 100% including corrosive environments such as oil fields and mining applications associated with African installations.

The main housing of the unit is fabricated from 4mmm steel which is shot blasted, zinc sprayed and then coated with an epoxy powder paint finish for durable outdoor or indoor use.

The operating mechanisms are of the independent manual spring type for both Main and Earth switches ensuring that speed of operation is independent of the operator. Ring switches are fault make, load break three position type ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ and ‘EARTH ON’. The fused tee off is of the fault make, fault break, three position type ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ and ‘TRANSFORMER EARTH ON’. The fuse switch has a double isolation feature foradditional operational safety.

Ratings: 630 Amp l Primary V oltage: 15.5kV voltage l Frequency: 50Hz
Enclosure: IP54 l O peration Safety: interlocking & padlocking facilities l Control: local or remote with SCADA

IEC 60420, IEC 60265 1, IEC 60694, IEC 60294

Product Specification

Fully equipped with automation features to address remote monitoring and control Retrofit table motorized actuator, Tee off fuse switch, Remote terminal unit, Earth fault passages indicators , Control by NMS/SCADA systems.
Remote Tripping, Ring Switch Actuators, RTU Mounting Bracket, Earth Fault Indicator, Test Plug Devices, Busbar Connection, Cabling, End Cap Kit.